Story Review: How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife.


By: Manuel E. Arguilla

This story is written by Manuel E. Arguilla. There were many characters involved in this story, one of them is Baldo. Baldo was the one who narrated the story. He was the younger brother of Leon.  He was an obedient, innocent and naive young boy.  Another character is Leon.  Leon was the one who brought home a wife.  He was a responsible, gentle and a loving husband. Then, another character is Maria. Maria had been born and grew up in a big city. She was the wife of Leon. She was a supportive, creative and a loving wife. Father was the one who instructed Baldo on what he will do while he is on the road together with Leon and Maria. He made an ingenious way to find out if Maria is really worthy to live in a rural place.

The story did explain some ways on what is the meaning of true love and how this true love can be shown. I’ve also included values in the story or attitudes that each character possessed like the obedience of Baldo, being supportive of Maria, being responsible of Leon and the hardworking Labang.

This story shows uniqueness because it has its own moral value that readers may follow it. The author is very good in making techniques in writing that can make readers be more interested in the story.


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